Weight Loss in Midlife

I wrote “Weight Loss in Midlife” to spread the word about the results I got from being involved in a trial of the Sirt Food Diet in 2016. I include an updated version of all of the more general practical advice that I put into “Thrive in Midlife” in 2014, as well as information about what I now know about the anti ageing and weight loss benefits of including sirt foods in out diet.

The book is with my editor as I write this post. But I’d love to get you started on transforming your relationship with food right now if you’re keen. So I’m offering the first 3 chapters of “Weight Loss in Midlife” to anyone who signs up on the home page of this site. You’ll also get a free sound healing meditation when you sign up as well.

You can see me talking about “Weight Loss in Midlife” in the video below.