Under the programs tab on this site’s home page you’ll find out more about our retreats and other offers that are readily adaptable to our individual and corporate clients’ needs.

42 Day Program

One on One Coaching

A handful of reviews have been listed in the testimonials area of this site to give you a sense of the kind of experience you’ll have when you engage in one on one coaching with Jane. You’ll get to know what it feels like to be really heard and understood, and you’ll come away with fresh perspectives and insights.

With the benefit of Jane’s seven years of coaching experience, and qualifications in transpersonal coaching, behavioural coaching, and neuro linguistic programming, an hour long coaching session can equal years of searching and sifting through the wellbeing and personal development information out there, and the personal baggage you hold inside that stands between where you are now and where you want to get to.

The quality of Jane’s presence leaves room for you to find your innate resourcefulness, and the words to express what’s going on for you that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Corporate Programs

Our corporate programs are tailored to meet your company’s needs. We have delivered everything from lunchtime stress management and resilience sessions, to organisational structural reviews and business planning.

Call us on 0412261101 or email to discuss your particular needs.


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