Inspirational TED Talk on writing – and so much more

Elizabth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Love, Pray. I don’t know whether I’m the only person in my demographic who hasn’t read it, but it certainly feels that way sometimes.

I was moved by the TED talk that I’ve attached below, and I’m feeling like I might just have to grab myself a copy of one of her books to fill myself in more about this woman that I seem to have underestimated previously. Sometimes flavour of the month status can have negative consequences I guess. Dare I say it – It’s better not to judge a book by its cover.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about what I’ll inelegantly call the fear of failure. You’ll see how inadequate and inelegant that description of what she does in this short TED talk is when you watch it.

Having just written a book myself, and now running workshops to get people over the line in relation to writing their own books, the fact that the whole success/failure thing can keep us in denial about who we really are, and what really matters, is what grabbed me by the throat when I watched this.

I wonder how it will sit with you?

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